Portrait, Fashion,Photographer  

 In my portraits, I like to create a tension for the viewer, I want him to feel desire, curiosity, as if he'd like to know more ... or maybe on the opposite can feel uncomfortable depending the own viewer psychological state, as I like strong emotions. 

To reach my intentions , I often guide my models evoking situations they have lived before, so they can connect to the emotion I'm looking for. I tell them to close their eyes, let them go back to that moment, let them feel it, then I count to 3 slowly, and just there, it's this moment I steal from them, the moment they reopen their eyes still in the emotion of what they've just felt ... but sometimes, magic happened naturally

For my fine arts conceptual work, there are two very important elements for me, the departure from the mere representation of subject matter, and the incorporation of the emotional psychological component as a result of my aesthetic decisions. 

I like to play with lines form and light, challenging the boundaries of space and time. Solitary and serene mood can be found in some part of my work intending to invite the viewer to touch on the sublime 


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